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Longarm quiltmaker
- England

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Devon Cream Tea Survey

image courtesy of Pinterest

2013 Results:  Favourite place for a Proper Devon Cream Tea ......

National Trust Property - PARKE near Bovey Tracy

New preferred location and the BEST found in 2016 .....
The Cottage Hotel, Hope Cove, Devon UK

Read on for more information about my scientific
(not!) research

Ok - I confess.  I have a great weakness for Devon Cream Teas.
But - who can resist one (or two!) temptingly delicious soft scones,
slathered with golden clotted cream and topped off with full-of-flavour jam ???
Not me! hehehehe

My buddies will vouch that I am no cookery expert
- but I do make a pretty decent scone, even if I do say so myself. 
And I have found there are great variations
in the scones on offer around our County. 
So - and only in the interest of science of course -
I have set myself a quest every summer to discover
The Best Devon Cream Tea

I will force myself to sample a cream tea in many locations,
checking out taste, freshness, appearance, presentation,
location and the whole general experience, value for money
- and anything else I can think of.
I know it will be a tough job but I will apply myself dilligently
in the interests of my fellow man and woman .........

(If you believe that is the only reason - then you will believe anything! hehehe)

I don't believe there is a Right or Wrong way with making or eating a cream tea,
and as with most things it comes down to individual taste and preference.
I like lightly cooked plain scones myself and I don't mind
if they are cold or warm - the key thing is that they taste fresh.
A scone which has been frozen the day it was cooked
and then zapped in a microwave is often delicious,
and much nicer in my opinion than one left over from the previous day's bake.
(which is why I don't enjoy store-bought scones!)

To me - the Best Cream Tea consists of
- x2 scones, locally made
- clotted cream
(in a dish not a tub!)
- choice of jam (preferably home-made)
(and also in a dish not a silly little jar or worse - plastic tub)
- a pot of tea plus extra pot of hot water
- milk in a jug
- a nice cup and saucer

Surprisingly - I've seen many different ways of eating a Cream Tea!
Some people cut the scone like a bread roll .....
some break it in half horizontally .....
some break it in half vertically .......
some cut it in small bitesize pieces ......
some add the cream first then dribble the jam on top ....... (Devon)
some add the jam then dollop the cream on top ...... (Cornish)
some spread the whole area with their cream and jam .....
some add cream and jam a bite at a time ......

So - however you eat yours - ENJOY it!
And if you have found somewhere with a delicious cream tea
which is not mentioned here
- do please email me with the details - I'd love to hear about it
(and maybe even HAVE to test for myself! hehehe)

Ratings: the more stars - the better
Prices - current at the time of visit in 2013

  star rating  
The Cottage Hotel
Hope Cove near Kingsbridge
(too many to fit in !)
The very Best !!!
Avon Mill Garden Centre
Loddiswell, near Kingsbridge
Excellent scones !
£5.50 - x2 good size scones, locally made. 
Choice of jams. 
Good presentation.
Lovely location.
China Blue
Not sure of price but was over £4 - x1 scone, tasted like it came from superstore
Otter Nursery
on A379 near Plymouth
will check the price on a return visit
x1 large scone, slightly overcooked :O( 
Jam and cream in tubs not dishes :o(
Saltram House
National Trust Plymouth
*** approx £5
x2 scones, quite nice
National Trust
Bovey Tracy
x2 VERY fresh scones
dishes of cream and jam
loose leaf tea
very YUMMY

Watch this page for more results .........