Ani Catt
Longarm quiltmaker
- England

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***   Home Sessions   ***


With regret - this service
has been suspended until 2014
due to pressure of work
Please do read on if you may be interested in future


**Ani - I never thought I would be able to do this!  THANK YOU! ...... CC **

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Want to make the most of your Computer?

Need to get more from your Sewing Machine??

 Improve your confidence with using these expensive machines
in your own familiar surroundings

and get to grips with what you want to do with them.

We will work 1 - 1 in sessions at your home,
on your machine so you can work at the speed which suits you
and we can concentrate on the particular techniques
in which you are interested.

Fees held til review in Jan 2014:
Session fee £12 plus 25p per mile from/to East Prawle Devon

Sessions are usually about half hour long so you don't get bogged down
with too much information at once, but this is very flexible
and if we need to spend more time thats fine too. 
Fees are per session, not per hour.
The first session is usually a bit longer where
we can work out the best way that suits you.

If you want just one session - that's fine. 
If you want to learn more then we can set up
repeat sessions at your convenience.

Samples of topics:
Here are samples of some of the techniques we can look at. 
The sessions are very flexible and are tailored
for individual needs so we will work on whatever part suits you.

If you need more than one session to explore and learn - that's fine.
If something isn't listed - please ask! 
It's impossible to list everything here.


1 Introduction to computers includes: getting to know your computer and what you can do with it / good practice
2 Word processing for beginners includes: opening & saving documents / basic file management
3 Word processing stage 1 includes: text manipulation / cut, copy, paste / basic printing
4 Word processing stage 2 includes: further text manipulation / changing font etc
5 Word processing stage 3 includes: using tables
6 Graphics and digital pictures 1 explores using and manipulating digital images
7 Posters, handouts and business cards exactly what it says!
8 Introduction to Excel  includes: basic spreadsheets
9 Introduction to Email including: writing / sending emails / managing address book / managing inbox and other folders
10 Fun with web surfing includes: connection to the internet / search engines / file management / good practice
11 Introduction to web design includes: basic layout / good practice
12 Web design 1 includes: developing websites / hosts and domains

....... and many more

Also -

Sewing machine:

1 Getting to know your sewing machine stage 1 includes: functions / changing settings / trouble shooting
2 Getting to know your sewing machine stage 2 includes:  building on Stage 1 / exploring more functions / when to use different presser feet / handling different fabrics
3 Machine quilting includes: machine settings / preparing and handling the quilt sandwich
4 Free motion embroidery includes: machine settings / preparing and handling fabric / water soluble film / using different threads
5 Introduction to machines with embroidery units includes: hooping fabric / using digitised designs

....... and many more

Contact Ani for more information

Fees held until review in Jan 2014
Session fee £12 plus 25p per mile from/to East Prawle Devon

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