Ani Catt
Longarm quiltmaker
- England

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Fabric Art Postcards are neat - and very easy to make!
  Just like ordinary postcards,
 these go through the ordinary postal system
- but are made from fabric!   Great fun!

Contact me and I will send you free  easy instructions - or come to the workshop.

FAPs for UK Servicemen and women
Make FAPs which will be sent to cheer up and support UK servicemen and women

A registered charity in UK (non-political!) called  Support Our Soldiers

provide support for our serving men and women and their families at home. This is nothing to do with any political party and in no way either condones or condemns their presence in a different country to our own.  It is EVERYTHING to do with lads and lassies being a LONG way from home and far away from their families.
One way SOS show support is by sending out parcels and care packages
and FAPs are ideal to be included. SOS send thousands of packages, so the more we make
the more can be included to make each package more personal.

This will be an on-going project throughout the year, with special focus being given to times such as Easter and Christmas. You can make themed FAPs - or ones that suit any time.   Even if you have never made these before - they really are easy to do - and great fun! 
Contact me and I will send you free  easy instructions.

Special Note:   
 Karen says:  " ......... Ani, please pass our sincere thanks on to everyone
who's helped out - all much appreciated........... "
So - if you would like to make more FAPs to give a smile to someone who is a long way from home -
Please send them to:
Ani Catt (FAP)
1 Higher Park, East Prawle
Kingsbridge, Devon TQ7  2DB

Or send direct to SupportOurSoldiers - address details are on their website

Thanks for your help -


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